For you to get your planned treatment done, we are going to search, find and present at least 2 (2 to 4) options, that have the best quality, high technology and of course good doctors. By means of that, you will have more options to compare. These options will be presented to you with price informations different from each other, location informations, positive sides, campaigns and so on... It will completely be up to you to choose whichever you’re satisfied with.


We have an Ethics Committee Team, that includes specialists (dentists) from every profession, that will plan your treatment with a joint decision. In fact, they are not connected to any clinic. After you send the necessary documents for your dental condition, they come together to decide what should be the best to be done for your condition. We can conveniently say that you are not commended to only-one doctor! You will be planned for the best treatment you can have by the specialist.


From your arrival to Turkey, there will always be someone with you that we call “Mentor”. A mentor will be responsible and will take care of your whole process in the country. He/she will be your driver, helper, guide, friend, family... Moreover this mentor will be the annihilator of your language barrier.


Istanbul is one of the best cities to choose that are really good and successful at medical and dental care in the world. In fact, one of the most beautiful cities to see. There are too many good sides of visiting Istanbul such as historical places, museums, rich cuisine, social activities...